INTO Live provides an effective one-stop solution for the implementation of our single-use system at any stage of the bioprocess. This solution follows an all-in-one strategy for a customer’s idea:
• the conversion of the P&ID process into a single-use (SU) system
• engineered adoption of equipment for SU assemblies
• automation/control support.

This approach enables fast, cost effective, and reliable bioprocess development. This is achieved by avoiding compatibility issues in equipment and single-use assemblies, eliminating excess material usage with case specific implementation and providing full customizability for automation and control.
The full process includes design, assembly/production, and supply phases:
DESIGN phase
  • Design preparation
  • Review with customer
  • Design acceptance
  • Component selection
  • Final approval for
  • Ordering components
  • Component quality control
  • Assembly of final product
  • Integrity testing and double-
SUPPLY phase
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Delivery to customer
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